Libertarian Party Candidates 2011

These candidates are members of the Libertarian Party who are showing their dedication to the principles of liberty by running for offices at the federal, state, and local levels. You can browse all candidates below or view only the candidates running in your state by visiting your state page.

Election laws and filing schedules vary significantly by state. Additionally, our candidate listing policies vary by state. In some cases, all candidates seeking the LP nomination are listed, while in other cases only candidates who have been nominated or endorsed by the state or local LP affiliate are listed.

If you don't see any candidates in the districts where you live, then please visit this page to see how Libertarian candidates make a difference, and consider joining our team of Libertarian Party candidates.

Stan Smith

State Senator, District 16

Jeff Foli

Chillicothe City Council

Doug Burlison

Springfield City Council

Daniel de Gracia

Honolulu County Neighborhood Board

Tim Mullen

Luzerne County Council

Edwin Everly

Rantoul Township High School Board

Karen Green

Bloomington City Council Ward 2

Steve Hellin

O'Fallon District 90 School Board

Doug Marks

Carpentersville Village Trustee

Jeff Ready

Bloomington City Council Ward 6

Don Stover

Greenville City Council

Karin Vermillion

Mahomet Library Board

Thane Eichenauer

Phoenix Mayor

Mark Noble

Columbus City Council

Bob Bridges

Columbus City Council

Ken Moellman

State Treasurer

Brian Sasso

Lincoln-Way High School Board

J.D. Horton

Grayville Mayor

Amanda Swafford

Flowery Branch City Council

Erik Viker

Selinsgrove Borough Council

Kooper Caraway

Mount Pleasant Mayor

Kris Bailey

Austin City Council

Robert Walsh

Lynn City Council, At-large

Bill Barker

Phoenix City Council

Tylor Slinger

Saint Paul City Council

Brendan Kelly

State Representative, Rockingham District 14

Brenda Fabian

Selinsgrove School Board

David Moser

York School Board

Harold M. Taylor

State Representative

Sean Holmes

State Representative

Jan "Jay" Butler

State Representative

Donna Knezevich

State Representative

Darren Young

State Assembly, District 21

Dave Schneck

State Assembly, District 30

Julian Heicklen

State Assembly, District 37

Vinko Grskovic

State Assembly, District 38

Chris Edes

Monroe County Legislature, District 24

Drew Beeman

Monroe County Legislature, District 25

Max Kessler

Monroe County Legislature, District 27

Pat Farrell

South Bend Mayor

Oscar Gibson

Elkhart Mayor

Chris Bowen

Indianapolis Mayor

Ed Coleman

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 24

Phil Miller

Greenfield Mayor

Jeff Spoonamore

Greenwood Mayor

Rob Jozwiak

Anderson Mayor

Debbie O'Neal

Rushville Mayor

Bob Isgrigg

Jeffersonville Mayor

Mike Waite

Westfield Mayor

Thomas Keister

New Albany Mayor

Doug McNeil

Baltimore City Council, District 11

Scott Spencer

Baltimore City Council, District 12

Ron Owens-Bey

Baltimore City Council, District 13

Lorenzo Gaztanaga

Baltimore City Council President

Lance Lamberton

Austell City Council, Ward 4

Maclyn Stringer

Centennial City Council, District 4

Brent Hatley

Saint Petersburg City Council, District 3

Ken Sharp

Toledo City Council, District 1

Mike Burkholder

Troy City Auditor

Howard Arden

North Castle Town Supervisor

Matthew Rice

North Castle Town Councilmember

Todd Grayson

Perrysburg City Council

Kurt Liston

Akron City Council, Ward 1

Alexander Vuchnich

Charlotte City Council

Doug Craig

Griffin City Council, District 4

Scott Lewis


Michael Kane

House of Delegates, District 41

Glenn McGuire

House of Delegates, District 95

Michelle Brixius-Kasich

Yardley Borough Council

Bill Slantz

State Representative, District 15

Kristie McNealy

Aurora City Council, Ward 6

Jim Frye

Aurora City Council, at-large

Steven Gallant

Golden City Council, District 2

Sheilah Davis

Aurora Mayor

Scott Wise

Columbia City Mayor

Bill Levin

Indianapolis City-County Council, At-large

Reid Miller

Indianapolis City-County Council, At-large

Sheri Meinert

Indianapolis City-County Council, At-large

Patrick Culley

Indianapolis City-County Council, At-large

Michael Bishop

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 1

Sam Goldstein

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 2

Christopher Hodapp

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 5

Kevin Fleming

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 6

Matt Stone

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 7

Joell Palmer

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 10

Shawn Sullivan

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 12

Jason Sipe

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 13

Zach Capehart

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 15

Josh Featherstone

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 21

Kent Raquet

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 23

Kevin Vail

Indianapolis City-County Council, District 25

Joshua Sefcheck

Columbus City Council

Alexander Avery

Fort Wayne City Council

Susan Bell

Hagerstown Town Judge

Matt Hisrich

Richmond Common Council

Daniel Stevens

Warsaw City Council

Don Kissick

Elida School Board

John Stewart

Gahanna City Council, Ward 4

Jerald Robertson

Elmwood Place Village Council

Nathan Eberly

Bowling Green City Council, Ward 3

Arthur M. Thomas IV

San Antonio River Authority

Roger V. Gary

San Antonio River Authority

Michael "Commander" Idrogo

San Antonio River Authority

Joshua Baker

State Representative, District 14

Allen Hacker

Sandpoint Mayor

Joe Calfo

Wellington Exempted Village School District Board of Education

Mary Lea Lucas

Clarion County Commissioner

Michael Robertson

Clarion County Commissioner

Rayburn Smith

Clarion County Treasurer

Mike Lacey

Luzerne County Council

Brian Bergman

Luzerne County Council

Betsy Summers

Wilkes-Barre Mayor

Chris Nealis

Anderson City Council, At-large

Greg Noland

Anderson City Council, District 5

Greg Hertzsch

Clarksville Town Council, At-large

Miccah Shepherd

Claypool Clerk-Treasurer

David Dills

Claypool Town Council, At-large

Rick Corbin

Ingalls Town Council, At-large

Marty Hollar

La Crosse Town Council, At-large

Mark Lindborg

Michigan City Council, Ward 6

Joe Tucker

Noblesville City Council, District 5

Dennis Denney

Shirley Town Council, North Ward

Phillip Leavitt

Carlotta Community Services District Board

Andy LeCureaux

Hazel Park City Council

T. J. Rohr

Lenoir City Council

James Fryman

Franklin Area School Board

Vernon Etzel

Oil City Treasurer

Mary Lea Lucas

Strattanville Borough Council

Vance Mays

Sugarcreek Borough Council

Vance Mays

Valley Grove Area School Board

Timothy Russell

Venango County Magisterial District Judge, District 28-03-04

Michael G. Thomas

Venango County Commissioner

Patricia Fryman

Victory Township Auditor

Larey McLaren

Alderwood Water District Commissioner, Position 3

Dave Nakarado

Monroe County Commissioner, D3